A Mini Lesson in Learning Guaraní

Today I was coming home from the city to my pueblo, in a van that runs back and forth every half hour. I sat in the front seat, next to the driver, and took my ipod out, like I always do, to listen to my American music while watching the Paraguayan hills go by.

But today I didn´t. Instead, I started a little Guaraní conversation with the driver. We ended up talking almost the entire way, and the two guys in the front joined in. I didn´t understand everything, of course. But I asked them to explain the words, and they did. I don´t remember them exactly, but I think I might recognize them the next time I hear them, and then maybe, when I want to say them, I´ll remember how they sound. Then bam, there´s another word in my Guaraní arsenal.

I tend to be too shy about my Guaraní, preferring to study my flash cards along rather than make a fool out of myself trying to talk to someone else. But, Guaraní is a language, for communicating, not for sitting alone in a room. So your homework is this, if you´re already in Paraguay: take out your earphones, put down your cell phone, get out of your house, and use your Guaraní. I guarantee that´s the fastest way to learn.

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  1. Hey there. I've been studying Guarani for an upcoming two week trip through Paraguay. I was wondering if you could recommend things to do while I am there, since travel information is quite sparse.