Correction on katu!

When katu is used after a verb or other phrase, it's used like the spanish "luego" which is so hard to explain in english. It's kind of like, "then," as in this conversation that I remembered from the beloved classic Wayne's World:

Garth: Fine, go!
Wayne: I'm gone!
Garth: Go *then*!

This would be in Guarani:
Garth: Oima, eho!
Wayne: Ahama!
Garth: Eho *katu*!

Or when you thank someone from a store, they might say Nde katu. Don't try to literally translate it, it's just like an emphasis.


  1. does anyone have a copy of the podcast on their computer? itunes is having trouble letting me download it. i would need all the ones that are out so far, since i just found this website. thanks.

  2. Wow! Congrats for your blog. I research Guaraní at USP - Brazil. Could you send me your e-mail? My e-mail address is

  3. Great!!!!
    Im Koean and now im living in Paraguay. Thank you and someday I will make it up to you. :)

  4. Mba´éichapa!
    Iporaiterei ko nde blog! Arovia nde eporombo´e poraite ha ore pytyvo añe´e hagua porave guaranime.
    I am from Spain and I must say that your blog is the best one by far to learn Guarani I have seen so far (and that includes the ones in spanish as well).
    Many thanks for this, congratulations and keep up the good work!

  5. where the heck is the podcast fro this im dying here none of the links wrk and i cant find it on itunes

  6. Eho katu! Could be, really is imperative 'Go!'
    THEN... Is Upeicharö 'Then'
    If you can write then you can read
    Ikaturamo rehai UPEICHARÖ ikatu remoñe'ë

  7. Eho katu is able to understand in Bad way!